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23 Years Between Cakes!! Another superb cake from Mrs Burnand!


After a gap of 23 years we have had another superb cake from Mrs Burnand! As you will see there is more to this story.........

Mike Burnand had purchased his first Porsche, an Irish green 1967 912, from his aunt’s neighbour in Rome in 1980. After importing/registering and enjoying the car it was decided to use the car for his upcoming honeymoon, but the clutch was slipping so Mike removed the engine himself but was unable to remove the flywheel.  This is when we first met Mike who bought the engine to us at Newton Garage in Aston, Birmingham. We soon removed the flywheel so he could get the face machined and we refitted it onto the engine for him

Mike offered to pay for our help but we said “no” and it was a wedding gift! So Mike said he would bring us a cake instead as his fiancé made excellent cakes. He was correct – we had a great cake and the new Mr and Mrs Burnand went off on their honeymoon in the 912. Mike brought the 912 to us at Newton’s for regular checkups and became a good friend. After many years happy motoring the 912 was sold in 2000 for six times the original price and with six times the original rust!

Over the years that passed Mike has had a Celebration 3.2 Carrera and a 996 Cabriolet. He called to see us even when he didn’t have a Porsche for a chat and a cup of tea, then earlier this year he said he was looking for a 993. A few weeks later I saw a car for sale that matched the specification Mike was looking for. So I drove down to Bristol to have a look and to check over the car. It was very nice but it needed a little bit of work doing to it.

   I was very happy with the car so I bought it hoping Mike would be as happy with it as I was. I began my journey home in the 993 and found it was lovely to drive. The following day I had to go back down to Bristol on the train to bring our van back. Once all the work was done on the 993 Mike came to see it. He was very happy and he bought the car. On the day he picked his car up he brought in another lovely cake for us all baked by his wife ... 


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