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Don't forget your Porsche's winter check.

winter check

PCT winter checkover

As the temperature is now falling and with long dark days it is an ideal time to have your Porsche checked ready for the rigours of a harsh winter. Our Winter check includes the heater and an under body inspection to check for any damage, we also check the operation of exterior & interior equipment and we will check vehicle oil, tyres for wear & pressure. After a brief road test your car will be washed ready for you to take to the open road.

Winter tyres make such a difference & not just when the roads are ice or snow covered at temperatures below 5C the performance of winter tyres are much better than standard tyres

Additionally if your car has air conditioning – we will check the operation to make sure all is well for those cold winter nights to clear the condensation off the windows. We can of course carry out any repairs to the air conditioning system if needed & also carry out air conditioning biological clean & treatment where we get rid of any bugs & bacteria in the system that could give YOU flu like symptoms

If your car is a cabriolet … we can also clean, rejuvenate & treat the convertible roof to make it waterproof.

email for further information or call 02476 407770

 Porsche hibernation

We’ve also been asked what to do with your Porsche when it's time to put it to bed for winter.

  1. Don't get caught outside, when there is salt on the roads- Check the forecast.
  2. Don't put it away dirty. Wash, dry & clean your Porsche inside and out & 1 last drive to dry off brakes and get engine up to working temperature
  3. Fill up the fuel tank – it’s bound to be more expensive in the spring! – plus it won’t allow any condensation to build up
  4. Stop tyres developing flat spots. Inflate your tyres to the highest pressure allowed or consider using tyre cradles that are shaped to prevent flat spots.
  5. Don't forget about the anti-freeze, check the level of your anti-freeze.
  6. Don't crack your windscreen fluid bottle, make sure it contains and anti-freezing agent if you live in a cold climate.
  7. Don't let your battery die. Do not disconnect the battery or attach a trickle charger as this will ‘boil it’ – Use a battery CONDITIONER that cycles the battery & be sure you have your radio& Nav codes just in case.
  8. Don't apply the handbrake, leave in neutral and use wheel chocks , or leaving it in gear or park is fine.
  9. Don't neglect your windshield wipers, place a small wedge between the arm and the windshield to protect the wiper blade edges.
  10. Don't let your Porsche collect moisture, place reusable desiccant containers in the car, you will need a number of these as the interior of your Porsche is a large space. You can easily check them once a month or so and reactivate them as per the instructions.
  11. Don't let your Porsche get scratched or dirty. Put a nice quality cover over your pride & joy
  12. Don't waste money! SORN the road tax & You could possibly save money by letting your insurance company know your Porsche is off the road. Just be sure to let them know before you take it out in the spring!
  13. Don't let mice take over. 1 of the biggest problems you can have is mice infestation – they love Porsche insulation, rubber & wiring looms ! close/cover air vents & or get a cat or mouse trap !


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