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The Porsche 911 is 50!


The Porsche 911 was premiered September 1963, at the Frankfurt motor show. At that time it was known as the Porsche 901, however, its name was to change to 911 before any cars were actually delivered.

Porsche started working on a 356 replacement in the late 50’s; Erwin Komenda was given the task of coming up with a larger, more comfortable and more powerful car to replace the 356. The 356 itself had been launched in 1948- after many designs and prototypes, including the 4 seater model 695 of which Ferry Porsche did not approve as he didn’t want to compete with larger motor companies such as Mercedes.

The final shape of the 911 was the work of ‘Butzi’ Porsche & Komenda, They decided the car should be powered by a rear mounted engine, and following many designs they decided on a 6 cylinder 2.0litre engine with a chain driven overhead camshaft giving 130BHP with a 5 speed gearbox. With tight timescales and such a high specification the car at the launch in 1963 only had a mock up engine installed!

Production of the first 911 customer cars began in September 1964, initially production was very slow, unfortunately the new car was taking longer to produce than anticipated. A slow start meant that the 356 carried on in production until 1965, where it was produced alongside the 911 in Zuffenhausen.

To celebrate the 50 years of the 911 we are able to offer you many new exciting design products, from caps and mugs to celebration watches all with the 911 50 insignia.



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