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Tuesday morning and more rain! oh well at least it’s 11 o'clock and time for tea!! I'm about to take a welcome sip when the phone rings! It's Lindsey putting through a call - good news there is a 997 in the offing! Immediately PCT's purchasing tick list springs into my mind - what is the model, the colour, the spec, the year, the mileage, what about previous owners, the service history (when and with whom?) the condition (is any work required?) and has the vehicle been smoked in? Next a few questions about  MOT, Tax,condition of the tyres - are they N rated? and the body and paintwork - is there any damage? These are a few points to guide my initial discussions and to start to form a picture of the vehicle for sale. Now it's time to carry out a few online checks to verify the cars history, provenance and HPI? It's all sounding good for the 997 so I provide a provisional price and arrange to view the car.

It’s now time to consult National Rail! What is the best route to  North Yorkshire? How many trains or buses! I book tickets for the next day (a return just in case! As we reject about half the cars we see). I make an early start on Wednesday morning, pack my bag with the system tester, trade plates, a proper map, and not forgetting my sandwiches! And hit the road or should we say the tracks! I always set off with some trepidation, these journeys are often colourful, in the past I’ve been caught up with a drunken hen party (not literally I should add) and a mad violinist with an imaginary violin! At the station, I pick up my tickets, scan the departure board - great the train is running on time! I board the train and find my seat for the next two hours (luckily no one is sitting in my seat on this occasion!) As my station nears I take a quick look at the timetable to see if i will make my connection for the next train  - yes it's possible so with a quick jog to the escalator onto the next platform and then I'm away again.

The next stage is always interesting will anyone be there to pick me up as promised? A quick scan around and yes there they are and the car is looking good and just as described! So we depart to an empty part of the car park next door, I look under the 997 - no oil leaks, the radiators look good, nice even wear on tyres, coolant pipes look good and there's no sign of body damage. Now it's time to time to plug in the diagnostic and I'm able to confirm the mileage, check engine over revs and check for crash data, all good again! The service book is the original and all service stamps are  genuine too – we have encountered service stamps from a non-existent Porsche centre in the past. The check continues, the chassis numbers all match, and now it's time for a test drive. It's all looking and feeling promising, the clutch is smooth and there aren't any braking issues, the engine is up to temperature and everything looks and sounds good. The final visual check reveals a small scratch that has been touched in with great care and a couple of scuffed wheels. A decision is made to buy, this is a good car which our customers will love! The price is adjusted in accordance with the minor work required to ensure that PCT can offer a great value car in excellent condition for sale and provide the seller with a good and fair price. With assistance from Lindsey and within 10minutes the funds are transferred, paper work completed and everyone is happy!

Now I need to head for home and I take a quick look to find out where nearest petrol station is  - inevitably I will need to fill her up! After a quick road check I'm away. The drive back to PCT goes very well with everything working properly. Whilst heading down the A1 I start thinking about the next steps. Within a few hours I'm pulling onto forecourt, unloading the car, heading for the sales office to discuss the car with Paul and works required over a very welcoming and much needed cup of tea. We then have a walk round our newly purchased 997, pleased that it's run well and is looking good. Whilst the car goes into our workshop for a rigorous and detailed inspection, the relevant paperwork is completed and draw up an advert. The workshop complete a list of work to be completed prior to sale and the wheels & tyres are stripped and sent away for refurbishment and as a major service will be needed in the next 3 months we carry this out in advance with a brake fluid change & replace a couple of roll bar drop links, we also replace the tired exhaust mounting bolts and re gas the air conditioning. While we wait for the wheels to come back the car is sent to our body repair shop to have the damaged stone foils replaced and a couple of dents/scrapes repaired. When the car returns from the body repairs the wheels/tyres are re fitted, a full 4 wheel geometry check and all other jobs completed. Following a successful road test the 997 is treated to a deep clean; the inside of wheel arches/engine bay, we clay detail the paintwork as part of full valet, the seats are removed along with the over carpets, Dave our leather trim specialist is called in to re colour the bolster as there is a little mark and then proceeds to clean and feed the leather trim, after detailing the seats are refitted, the air bag reset, the windows are polished with a top quality product to give a deep shine, new number plates are fitted and finally the car is photographed.

It is only NOW that the 997 is ready for sale - excellent condition inside and out with PCT warranty & RAC assistance!

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