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Porsche winter wheels & Tyres

03 November 2016

Porsche Cayenne Winter Wheels and tyre set in as new condition Genuine Original Porsche WINTER WHEEL SET for Cayenne V6 ... The SNOW IS COMING ! The difference that winter tyres makes is amazing & not just when there is snow on the ground...any time the temperature is below 5 Degree C These nearly new...

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Back to our Roots

01 November 2016

  A recent trip to Birmingham to buy another fine Porsche for our sales department, provided the perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane! It all started in the 1950's with Newton Garage Ltd, then the second official Porsche Agent in the U.K. This being where David Pattison, Simon Corbett and...

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Porsche 987 Cayman- Choice of 2.. for sale

27 September 2016

We have been asked recently if we have any Porsche 987 Cayman for sale.......... & as from today the answer is YES  & in a choice of colours... Guards Red or Arctic silver These 2 lovely Caymans will be going on sale early next week.... 

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PCT workshop

PCT Porsche autumn check over

12 September 2016

  PCT Porsche autumn check over As the temperature is now falling and the darker nights are drawing in it is an ideal time to have your Porsche checked ready for the rigours of autumn. Our check includes an under body inspection to check for any damage, we also check the operation of exterior &...

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Porsche 991 Turbo S Cabriolet pedal car

08 September 2016

Porsche 991 Turbo S Cabriolet Push Along-Ride on Car Finished in Carrara white or speed yellow or Red with Black trim, delivery mileage, low emission, very low road tax, low insurance (possibly !) Powered by little legs with variable speed ! & Is fitted with warning horn..... just in case Available NOW from...

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Porsche Classic Original First Aid Kit

24 August 2016

Porsche First Aid Kit From our Genuine Porsche Classic collection, this first aid kit with instructions is a must for all Porsche Owners. £30 A legal requirement to travel on continent .... we also have in stock Genuine Porsche hi viz jacket,warning triangle bulb kits etc Contact PCT on 02476 407770...

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Autumn special for Boxsters

24 August 2016

Boxster rain water gutter strainer -Autumn special   Everyone has heard of leaves on the line affecting trains – but leaves can cause problems for your Boxster as well. These small plastic strainers clip easily into the rear drain tubes from the Boxster roof, this keeps the water drains clear of...

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summer check 1 no house

Get ready for the summer -Don't forget your Porsche's air conditioning service

02 June 2016

Air Conditioning service for your Porsche Air conditioning- we check the operation  of the whole a/c system -we recover the system of current gas and oil - we then refill with correct level of gas and oil and add ultra violet dye-pressure check system for leak and check operation - to make sure all is...

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Porsche 996 HARD TOP for Cabriolet Carrera 2 & 4

01 April 2016

PORSCHE 996 HARD TOP ROOF- with glass heated rear window For CARRERA 2 & 4 CABRIOLET  Finished in ...BASALT BLACK METALLIC A Genuine Porsche part -Used part in very good condition fits all Carrera 996 Cabriolet from 1998 to 2005 Special offer for spring.....£325  PCT PORSCHE...

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summer check

Porsche spring health check

15 March 2016

Don't forget your cars FREE spring checkover As the temperature is now rising it is an ideal time to have your Porsche checked after the rigours of a harsh winter - to ensure it is ready to enjoy the summer months. Our spring check includes an under body inspection to check for any damage, we also check the...

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