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Sell Your Porsche

Selling your Porsche ?

Do you want to sell your Porsche? Then let Porsche specialists PCT take the stress!

We pride ourselves on offering a professional, friendly and hassle-free sales service. We can help you achieve a realistic price for your car without any hassle or hidden charges! Yes, it really is as simple as that! We will do all the work for you. Call PCT on 02476 407770 or 07435964858 now or email with your details to and take the first step to selling your car.

We can buy your Porsche immediately with a quick on the spot payment direct into your bank account, or we can offer you a sale or return service – you choose whatever suits you best.

We are based in Coventry & we are interested in sourcing quality Porsche throughout the UK. We buy all Porsche models; Carrera  997, 996, 993, 964, 3.2 Carrera, 911sc and classic model Porsche 911’s, Boxster 986,987 & 981, Cayman, Cayenne and other specialist Porsche models such as 944,968 & 912. We are genuine Porsche enthusiasts and pay the best prices for quality cars.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about buying a Porsche or would just like to talk Porsche then please come and see us.

PCT have been established for over 30 years and have over 250 years of specialist Porsche knowledge. So, whether you want to buy or sell a Porsche, need a service for your Porsche or would just like to share your passion for Porsche then come and see us.

Why sell your Porsche to PCT ?

Classified advertising or approaching dealerships and online car traders can lead to a complicated sale process, extra sometimes hidden costs and ultimately wasting your time. Let PCT take the stress;

So, if you are looking to sell your Porsche quickly and without any hassle, PCT offer you the perfect solution, allowing you to focus on your next car! 

Below are some pointers to consider

1. Fraud/theft 
In this day and age fraud is a massive issue when selling your vehicle as criminals are always one step ahead. We have come across numerous tactics i.e. false bank accounts, fraudulent bankers drafts, false I.D etc. The biggest problem of all is where criminals specifically target owners of private vehicles in order to carry out what police are calling 'car key burglaries'. Do you really want strangers knowing where you live, or even worse arranging to meet them on a 'pub car park'

2. Finance 
Without a doubt these days the majority of people are buying cars using finance, this is an area where private sellers are struggling as they are not able to offer any financial services. We feel that customers would much rather be able to come to the showroom and let us work out and obtain a finance package that suits them. This also gives the customer huge peace of mind taking finance from the same company they are purchasing the car from, saving them much time and hassle.

3. Peace of mind for the potential customer
With a wide variety of warranties and finance available, our customers not only have the peace of mind when spending a lot of money, but also have a dealership to fall back on should anything untoward happen. We can reassure potential purchasers that buying from us is both simple and quick.

4. Viewings 
As we are open for viewings Mon-Sat 08:30-17.30. We feel that this is ample opportunity for the serious buyer to arrange a viewing. Your car would be locked in our showroom and covered under our insurance policy at all times.

5. Test drives 
You may be aware by now if you have had the pleasure of entertaining tyre kickers that time wasters play a huge role in the used car market. Not only are there a lot of dreamers out there but there are also a LOT of opportunistic thieves targeting used car sellers as their next prey. We operate test drives by appointment only and nobody will drive your car unless they have been through all our processes and have proof of funds available for purchase. Only then will we permit any road test, this will also covered by our insurance policy. Test drives are a huge problem that private sellers come across, as 9/10 of the potential buyers are not insured to drive your car.

6. Part Exchange 
A similar category to the finance. The majority of the car buying population will have a part exchange preventing them from buying your car. As we never refuse a part exchange you can rest assured that this really is the safest, easiest, quickest and most hassle free way to sell your car.

The Process
The easiest way of describing this is that we will Prepare, Advertise, Market, Fully Insure and Sell your car on your behalf. It is a very simple procedure to go ahead with us first .We will check over your car to see if anything is needed to get the best price for your car,we will check service history and ensure servicing is up to date. We would invite you over to the showroom have a good look round and check the paperwork. We will valet your car and put it in our showroom. We would never agree on any prices or sell your vehicle without contacting you first. We will update you on a regular basis and if at any point you wish to cancel the agreement and collect your car that is absolutely fine.

If you have any outstanding finance on your car this would not be a problem, when the car has sold we will clear off any outstanding finance and pay you the remainder to you within 7 days of selling your car.

At P.C.T. we have years of experience as Porsche specialists and we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. If you are local then I would recommend to visit us with your Porsche at your convenience and see how we can help you.

Call PCT Porsche Specialists on 02476 407770 or Paul on 07435 964858 or email